This song, based on the chant of the Oceti Sakowin Lakota Youth and featuring their voices in the introduction, is an anthem of unity that brought many people together on the front lines of the water protection efforts. Written by water protectors Kelli Love, MoonCat Preach and Jordan Walker, 100% of the sales and downloads of this song go directly to the account of the OCETI SAKOWIN YOUTH COUNCIL, to further their efforts to protect the water of the Cannonball River. "We Stand" is also available on iTunes
WE STAND music video
"HOLD JAH- REMIX" by Kelli Love, Jordan Walker, and THE MATT SCIENTIST
This was created to honor the life of our dear friend Adam "SUNSHINE" Risinger. All the downloads and purchases of this song help us to build the vision that Adam carried for our tribe... the build out of a Mobile Recording Van for Medicine Tribe community. As we uplift this mighty and beautiful life, we pray also for all the people out there struggling with thoughts of suicide. Please, don't do it. Everything will be alright if you just hold on. In his final words, our beloved brother Adam "Shine" Risinger quoted these lyrics from this song, "Don't Be Afraid to Let Sun On your Skin.  It's a mirror of how your glow. And if you really choose to,  You can catch the Rainbow."  These lyrics are inspired by a Hawaiian story that speaks of our origins and our connection to Great Spirit, the life that connects all of creation. It was said that in the days before separation, all children of God were connected by a rainbow bridge to the Spirit World, those who had come before us, and all of our loved ones. In those days there was no separation. We believe Adam knew and lived by this truth: we are all connected.  We offer this song in remembrance of Our Boy Adam, the best friend to all... lover of life... endless giving spirit... always hard at work for the rest of us to create a better path for the whole tribe. Now, we offer this song as a rainbow bridge to honor this beautiful soul and keep us near him, as he is now transformed into our Guardian Sonshine"  With all of the love in our hearts we celebrate you Adam. This remix of "Hold Jah" is our tribute to you.  All offerings go to assist with Adam's emergent final expenses, and to build his legacy and dream to build a mobile recording van for Medicine Tribe Family.  With love,  KELLI LOVE  JORDAN WALKER  MATT WILLIAMS aka THE MATT SCIENTIST  ONE TRIBE MOVEMENT  and all of us who were graced to "hold jah" in this life...